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Update on Ongoing Nationwide Ketamine Shortage

Controlled Substances Drugs

**December 2023 Update**

The Central B2 Pharmacy has ended its Ketamine order restriction for research studies โ€“ including all projects involving animals.

Study Teams may also continue to purchase Ketamine through U-M approved external vendors.

If you have any questions, please contact the U-M Controlled Substances Monitoring Program at

A nationwide shortage of the anesthetic drug Ketamine, first announced by the U-M Controlled Substances (CS) Monitoring Program in February 2023, continues to impact the Michigan Medicine B2 Pharmacy.

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To prioritize human patient care amid this ongoing shortage, the B2 Pharmacy has extended its Ketamine order restrictions for U-M researchers โ€“ including all animal users โ€“ through October 2023.

Study Teams needing to order Ketamine for animal use during this time are encouraged to reach out to the U-Mโ€™s approved vendor, MWI Animal Health, to purchase supplies. Instructions for setting up an account to order through MWI can be found on the Animal Care & Use Program website.

A complete list of U-M-approved vendors for other laboratory and research-related supplies is available on the U-M Procurement Services website.

Where to Get Help

  • For more information about this shortage, please contact the CS Monitors at
  • Questions or concerns about seeking alternative medication options for the animals in your research program(s) should be directed to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian.

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