Drug Ordering

Close up image of laptopIn order to ensure the highest levels of animal welfare, the University of Michigan (U-M) requires that investigators use pharmaceutical-grade substances/drugs whenever possible.

Any use of non pharmaceutical-grade substances, defined as those substances approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in humans or animals, in animal-based research requires prior approval by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC).

View the Policy on the Use of Non Pharmaceutical-Grade Drugs for more information.

Non-Controlled Substances

A limited selection of non-controlled substances, defined as those drugs and substances NOT regulated by the Federal Controlled Substances Act, can be purchased through the ULAM Business Office.

To order non-controlled substances through ULAM, please complete the Non-Controlled Substances Purchase Request Form

Please note that all drugs must be approved for use on your animal use protocol, which is approved by the IACUC.

A small processing fee is applied to each non-controlled substances order submitted through ULAM.

ULAM Pharmacy Order Processing Fee $  6.00 07/01/2022

Rates subject to change.


Questions or concerns about ordering non-controlled substances through ULAM should be directed to ulam-questions@umich.edu or (734) 764-0277.

Controlled Substances

The federal Controlled Substances Act defines and classifies drugs and other substances into five (5) controlled substance schedules (I - V) according to their potential for abuse and addiction. The substance's schedule dictates the application process to use, and guidelines to follow, for security, storage, etc.

ULAM does NOT provide any controlled substances to investigators. Investigators who require the use of controlled substances in their work with animals should review the U-M Controlled Substances in Research webpage for important information about the requirements for conducting such research at the University.

After registration with U-M's Controlled Substances Program is complete, controlled substance orders can be placed through the U-M Order & Receive Controlled Substances for Research webpage.

Additional questions about research involving controlled substances at U-M, including institutional policies, questions about procedures, and general assistance should be directed to CS-monitors@med.umich.edu.

Use of Expired Drugs

Administration of expired drugs can adversely affect animals; therefore, NO expired fluids, vehicles, biologics, or drugs – including all anesthetics, analgesics, euthanasia agents, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and non-pharmaceutical grade drugs – can be administered to, or used in, animals for ANY experimental or veterinary procedure, including euthanasia or any procedure in which the animal is euthanized prior to recovery.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all animals, and to avoid any possible non-compliance notifications, the Animal Care & Use Office strongly recommends that each laboratory establish its own method and routine for reviewing the expiration dates of all of its drugs, and to properly dispose of any expired agents on a regular basis.  

Questions about proper drug disposal should be directed to the U-M Department of Environment, Health & Safety at (734) 763-4568.

Learn more about the Policy on the Use and Storage of Expired Drugs and Medical Materials in Animals or contact the Animal Care & Use Office at acuoffice@umich.edu for more information.

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  • General questions or concerns about ordering non-controlled substances through ULAM should be directed to ulam-questions@umich.edu or (734) 764-0277.
  • Questions about research involving controlled substances should be directed to CS-monitors@med.umich.edu