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Enhanced Rodent Surgical Record Templates Now Available

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Templates for the Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Record (Notebook Size) yellow lock icon and Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Record by Cage yellow lock icon have been recently updated to increase functionality and ease-of-use for research personnel.

Specific changes include:

  • Revised the Rodent Surgery Record (Notebook Size) template to be consistent with the By Cage Record
  • Modified column titles to be more descriptive for completion
  • Further clarified coding of Animal Condition to ensure a qualitative and consistent assessment of an animal’s post-operative health status

To simplify recordkeeping requirements, templates are provided as fillable PDF documents that can be bookmarked, downloaded, and printed from the Animal Care A-Z website in both notebook ( and by cage ( sizes. yellow lock icon

As an important reminder, the U-M Animal Care & Use Program requires a peri-operative record for each rodent cage that contains post-operative animals.

Detailed instructions on how to generate, maintain, and store animal records, including additional guidelines for specific record types (tumor monitoring, food and/or water restriction, post-operative, and more) can be found in the Guidelines on Medical Records for Investigative Personnel.

A Quick Reference Sheet: Avoiding Common Mistakes When Completing Surgical Records for Mice & Rats is also available for review.


  • Questions or concerns about rodent surgical records, or maintenance of animal health records, should be directed to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian. General, non-urgent inquires may also be sent to
  • If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your lab or staff, please contact or call (734) 763-8039. 

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