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ULAM Containment Housing Request Form Moving to eRAM

In an effort to reduce Study Team burden and eliminate redundancies in our processes, the Containment Housing Request Form managed by the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) will be moved to eRAM beginning Monday, April 17, 2023. Study Teams will notice several changes as a result of this transition: The following processes and procedures will ...
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AAALAC 2023 Preparations Start Here: Updated Self-Guided Evaluation Form

The University of Michigan’s next re-accreditation visit by AAALAC, International (AAALAC) will take place in Summer (i.e., June – July 2023). As we work toward the collective goal of full continued accreditation – demonstrating that U-M values and upholds the highest animal welfare standards in the conduct of responsible research – we ask that all members of the ...
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Enhanced Rodent Surgical Record Templates Now Available

Templates for the Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Record (Notebook Size)  and Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Record by Cage  have been recently updated to increase functionality and ease-of-use for research personnel. Specific changes include: To simplify recordkeeping requirements, templates are provided as fillable PDF documents that can be bookmarked, downloaded, and printed from the Animal Care ...
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IACUC Develops New Self-Guided Evaluation of Animal Activities & Protocol Content Form

To help mitigate the risk of protocol non-compliance and, more importantly, demonstrate our individual and collective commitment(s) to sustained programmatic excellence, the Animal Care & Use Program has created a new Self-Guided Evaluation of Animal Activities & Protocol Content Form (available via PDF download).  Developed by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC), this assessment ...
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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Completing Surgical Records for Mice (Mus) and Rats (Rattus)

The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals states that medical records are critical for documenting animal well-being; this includes a history of surgical procedures and post-operative care. The U-M Animal Care & Use (ACU) Program requires a peri-operative record for each rodent cage that contains post-operative animals. To simplify recordkeeping requirements, fillable ...
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Reminders and Guidelines for Maintaining Animal Health Records

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date records for all animals under your care is critical to animal health. Incomplete and/or incorrect records of any kind (e.g., surgical/anesthetic/sedation, post-operative, health records, etc.) could result in unnecessary treatment or diagnoses, both serious animal welfare concerns, and lead to the collection of invalid research data. Please take a moment to review ...
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