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ULAM Pathology Core Now Accepting All Service Requests, Submissions via MiCORES

ULAM ULAM Pathology Core

Computer screen with MiCORES login page and microscopic image of zebrafish taken by the ULAM Pathology Core

The ULAM Pathology Core began piloting its services in MiCORES, the U-M’s internal core facility management system built on Agilent’s iLab software platform, in Fall 2021.

Effective Monday, February 7, 2022, all ULAM Pathology Core service requests will now be processed through MiCORES and the use of all paper (PDF) submission forms will be discontinued.

Many in the U-M research community may already be familiar with MiCORES, which is currently used by over 40 core research facilities across campus to manage service requests, track the status of projects, and process billing inquiries.

How to Submit Requests in MiCORES

  • Login to MiCORES
    • Login as “UMich User” with your U-M level-1 credentials
    • If you do not have an account, use the instructions outlined by “Need an iLab Account?”
    • Navigate to the ULAM Pathology Core homepage using Screenshot of small hamburger menu nav from MiCORES menu in the upper left-hand navigation, select “Core Facilities,” type ULAM Pathology Core in search, and select “UMICH ULAM Pathology Core
    • Select “Initiate a Request” in the “Request Services” tab to begin
  • A detailed submission guide “How to Use MiCORES” is available on the ULAM Pathology Core website

Additional Information & Resources

  • MiCORES will provide a cost estimate, but billing for ULAM Pathology Core services will continue to be processed through eRAM
  • eRAM notifications regarding monthly ULAM billing statements will also continue, pursuant to established business processes
  • The ULAM Pathology Core website has been updated to reflect the transition to MiCORES. These updates include quick links to access MiCORES, simplified instructions for service requests, and detailed sample submission guidelines for all ULAM Pathology Core services.


Should you have any questions, or require additional assistance, please contact the ULAM Pathology Core at

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