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Many AAALAC 2023 Site Visit Preparation Materials Now Available


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AAALAC Site Visitors will be on campus for the U-M’s next re-accreditation visit this Summer (i.e., June – July 2023). During this time, you should anticipate a visit to all animal housing locations and many laboratories.

As we strive toward the unified goal of optimizing our animal care and welfare initiatives at the U-M, we need all members of the research community whose work involves animals to actively participate in preparations leading up to the 2023 Site Visit.

Use the following resources to help guide and inform your preparation efforts:

  • Five AAALAC Essentials Checklist β€“ Every lab should finish – at a minimum – five essential actions prior to the AAALAC Site Visit. Use this checklistrequires Level-1 U-M login credentials(available via PDF download using valid Level-1 login credentials) to get started on the essentials.
  • Designate Your AAALAC Laboratory Spokesperson – Use this form, now available in eRAM, to identify a spokesperson(s) in your lab that will be available to meet with the AAALAC Site Visit Team. This individual, or individuals, should be:
    • Knowledgeable of your laboratory’s animal activities,
    • Able to provide the site visitors with access to your area, and
    • Ready to address any questions the team may pose.
  • Attend an AAALAC Preparation Meeting – For your convenience, meetings will be hosted across campus in the weeks leading up to the AAALAC Site Visit. One member from each laboratory should plan to attend either an AAALAC Preparation Town Hall or Spring 2023 ULAM Faculty Vet Check-In Meeting.
  • Build Your AAALAC Blueprintrequires Level-1 U-M login credentials– Customize your preparation path by selecting specific topics of interest based on your lab’s research and receive a curated list of recommended resources to focus your preparation efforts.

Several new webpages have also been created to provide additional information about the Site Visit:

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  • How to Prepare – Includes information about how each individual can get involved in Site Visit preparations, what to expect during the visit, how to designate your AAALAC spokesperson, and important reminders for hosting the Site Visit Team.
  • Precise Language – Provides a brief overview of the most commonly used terms and acronyms you are likely to hear throughout the Site Visit.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Site Visit, AAALAC accreditation, and more. Answers to questions submitted by the U-M research community will also be added leading up to the 2023 Site Visit.

Finally, please continue to remain vigilant to email and newsletter announcements in the coming weeks and months as we share additional details about the Site Visit.

On behalf of the entire Animal Care & Use Program and our many campus partners, we thank you for prioritizing AAALAC Site Visit preparations, and for your diligence in nurturing a culture of shared responsibility for compassionate and humane animal care at the U-M.

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