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ULAM In-Vivo Animal Core Renamed ULAM Pathology Core

ULAM ULAM Pathology Core

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The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) In-Vivo Animal Core (IVAC) has been renamed the ULAM Pathology Core.

This change better reflects the current work and focus of the core, whose mission is to provide diagnostic support for U-Mโ€™s veterinary and animal care programs as well as comprehensive research pathology services for research investigators across the U-M campus and beyond.

This name change is now reflected across the Animal Care & Use Program website and in MiCORES, with directional signage in and around facilities changing later this spring. None of the services previously provided through IVAC will change, nor will the commitment to provide quality customer service and support.

As before, all services should be requested through MiCORES. We are excited about this change and look forward to sharing additional service updates and upgrades with you in the near future.

For future inquiries and general questions, please contact the Pathology Core team at

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