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ULAM Staff Member Receives OVPR Award for Exemplary Service, Support of Research Community

U-M Vice President for Research & Innovation Rebecca Cunningham, M.D., presents OVPR Award for Exemplary Service to Joanne Heerema, Necropsy Technician in the ULAM Pathology Core

The Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) is pleased to announce that Joanne Heerema, Necropsy Technician in the ULAM Pathology Core and a member of the ULAM Technical Services Team, recently received an award from the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) for her exemplary service and support of the university’s research enterprise.

The OVPR Research Staff Awards Program “recognizes staff members for their distinguished service to the U-M research community, celebrates exemplary leadership that positively impacts colleagues, and advances the mission of U-M.”

Award recipients must demonstrate both personal and professional growth; a commitment to implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles; engagement with committee work or service within the university or broader community; and advance the U-M research mission through their exemplary performance.

Joanne Heerema, Necropsy & Technical Services Technician, ULAM Pathology Core

Joanne joined ULAM in 2010 and has continued to serve as a critical member of the ULAM Pathology Core and the ULAM Technical Services Team. In this role she provides valuable, multifaceted services to Principal Investigators and their Study Team including animal necropsy, animal dosing and sample collection, animal study monitoring and assistance, and histological sample preparation. 

Among the many achievements highlighted by Joanne’s supervisors and colleagues are:

  • Her remarkable variety of skills and proficiencies in performing and assisting with technical aspects of animal research 
  • Willingness to be flexible and offer her time to assist investigators as a “technician-for-hire” to help fill gaps caused by staffing shortages 
  • Planning and executing team building events to boost morale in her lab 
  • Maintaining an unwavering positive attitude and professional demeanor while performing her many responsibilities

“Joanne not only accomplishes tasks with high proficiency, but serves as an ambassador for ULAM through her ability to inspire confidence and loyalty in the labs that she helps,” says Ingrid Bergin, Director of the ULAM Pathology Core. “She is a  professional and collegial member of our team and is a tremendous asset to ULAM and the entire U-M research community that we serve.”

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