eRAM System Upgrade Coming Soon: Be Sure to Plan Ahead

October 2, 2017

eRAM will undergo a Vendor Upgrade during the weekend of October 13, 2017.

eRAM Fall 2017 Vendor Upgrade iconThe upgrade window runs from 12:00 PM on Friday, October 13 through 12:00 PM on Monday, October 16. During this time, eRAM will NOT be available/online. Please plan accordingly for this system outage.

This upgrade will be mostly visual in nature, including a more modern look and feel to the system, a new color palette, and changes to graphics for some visual elements.

Users of either the eResearch Proposal Management System (for PAFs, etc.) or the eResearch Regulatory Management System (for HUMs, IBCs, etc.), will be familiar with the new look and feel, as those two systems underwent the same upgrade earlier this year.

The most notable change to the system will be a new layered top navigation, where options such as “Applications/Protocol,” “Amendments,” and “Charges” are no longer available.

Instead, users must now select from one of two main menu options to pull down a separate list of choices:

If “IACUC” is selected,
the following options will be available:

If “ULAM” is selected,
the following options will be available:

  • Applications/Protocol
  • Amendments
  • Annual Reviews
  • PAMs
  • Use Forms
  • Cage Cards
  • Charges
  • Charge Statements
  • Use Forms

Additionally, only one row of menu options will now appear throughout the system. Selecting the “more” option will provide access to additional menu items that do not appear on the first row of choices.

A detailed summary of system changes will be made available in early October. Additional information can also be found on the eRAM Release Notes page, and in updated eRAM Step-by-Step Guides that will be released during the system upgrade.