ACU Comes To You

Are you a U-M research administrator, lab manager, or department chair who is unsure of how the policies of granting and regulatory agencies affect animal care and use at the University? Have you ever wondered how different units of the Animal Care & Use Program interface with day-to-day research operations?

Our dedicated team of 300+ professionals touch virtually every facet of animal care and use at the University of Michigan. From veterinary care, animal husbandry and housing, specialized research support services, training and education, budget consultation and billing, protocol preparation and review, regulatory compliance and oversight, quality assurance, and more; we are dedicated to ensuring that our researchers and community are successful.

If you are interested in having a member of our team attend your internal meeting to discuss topics or issues in the management of research/laboratory operations and animal care and use at the U-M, please complete the brief request form below or send an email to

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  • Topics you’d like us to cover
  • Date, time, and format (seminar, round table, etc.) of your meeting **
  • Anticipated number of attendees

** In order to facilitate speaker scheduling, we kindly ask that you provide two alternate meeting dates/times.

Bring the ACU Program to Your Next Internal Team Meeting

‡ Please note: this form should NOT be used to report ill or injured animals to veterinary staff. Concerns about animal welfare that do NOT require immediate veterinary attention should be submitted via the Animal Concern Hotline.

External to the University?

If you are a teacher/group leader or individual NOT affiliated with the University who is interested in having someone come and speak to your students or group about general issues pertaining to the use of animals in research, please contact the Animal Care & Use Office at or (734) 763-8028.


If you are looking for a specific individual, please visit our Personnel Directory to search by name, unit affiliation, or role. General questions or feedback about ACU Comes to You should be sent to