ULAM Technicians May Begin Using Gloved Hands for Mouse Cage Changing

April 30, 2018 12:00 AM

Image of blue laboratory gloves with small pair of silver forceps for cage changing

ULAM’s standard cage changing practices have required Animal Technicians to use forceps when transferring mice between cages for the past two decades. In an effort to help mitigate associated ergonomic risk(s) while still ensuring that overall animal health and safety are maintained at all times, ULAM re-evaluated our mouse cage changing techniques and reviewed the practices of peer institutions.

As a result of this evaluation and the expected ergonomic benefits to our staff, ULAM will allow all Animal Technicians to choose between cage changing with forceps or gloved hands beginning April 30, 2018.

** Please note: Forceps will continue to be available in all rooms for mouse handling.
These changes do NOT apply to cage changing in biocontainment rooms, which will continue to be forceps-only. 

Questions or Concerns? 

If your research requires the use of forceps for cage changing, please reach out to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian to discuss the appropriate special procedures to be put in place before the April 30 implementation date.