EHS Announces Updated, Streamlined Training for Research Community

December 1, 2021

Desktop computer with shipping and PPE icons to denote updated safety training modulesEnvironment, Health & Safety (EHS) has recently updated and streamlined several training sessions that are applicable to the U-M research community.

Please refer to the EHS Course Catalog for complete details.

To register for EHS training, or to review your training records, log in to My LINC using your Level-1 U-M login credentials.

Summary of changes:

  If you took this course   NOW take this course   How often?
  BLS101w: Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens Training  

BLS100w_TAB Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Training for Research Labs (persons with occupational exposure to human source materials)

  BLS101w: Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens Training   BLS301w_TAB Biosafety Training (for BSL-2)
(persons working in BSL-2 laboratories)
  Every 3 years
  BLS205w: General Lab Safety   BLS025w_TAB Chemical Lab Safety   Every 3 years
  BLS204w: Shipping Regulations for
Shipping Materials with Dry Ice
  BLS204w_TAB Requirements for Shipping Non-Dangerous Goods with Dry Ice   Every 2 years
  BLS209w: Regulations for Shipping Biologics-Infectious Substances Category B   BLS209w_TAB Regulations for Shipping Biologics – Infectious Substances Category B   Every 2 years
  COVID specific training to
U-M Research Labs
  COVID-19: Working Safely at U-M   Once at the start of work, or on return to campus
  R55103w: Radionuclide Users
Annual Refresher
  EHS_R55103w_TAB Radiation Safety Orientation and Radionuclide Users Annual Refresher Course   *Within 60 days of start date, then annually
  *During COVID, EHS authorizes completion of Radionuclide Users Annual Refresher Training (EHS_RSS103w) for those who need introductory radiation safety training. These individuals must attend an instructor-led RSS006_TAB Radiation Safety Orientation class when it is safe to do so.


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