March 2018 Summary of Animal Care & Use Guideline, SOP Updates

March 19, 2018

The following SOPs and Guidelines have been updated as of Monday, March 19. For your convenience, a small summary outlining key changes to each document is included below:


Guidelines on the Performance of
Surgery in Rodents

From May through November 2017, research staff across campus trialed two proposed versions of
“by cage” rodent surgical and post-operative record templates. The test group overwhelmingly preferred
one version. As a result, this new form has been
added to the Guidelines on the Performance
of Surgery in Rodents
as Appendix D.

To save time, fillable fields were added and similar
fields have been linked between pages so that information only needs to be entered once
(e.g. filling in Animal ID Number fields on Page 1
will automatically fill in the same fields/information
on Page 2).

Personnel who perform surgical procedures in rodents such as mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs

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Updated Forms (see Appendix D) now allow you to track an entire cage of animals on one sheet

Guidelines on Mouse
and Rat Breeding
and Housing Management
This document has undergone a full content review
in an effort to consolidate information.

Specific information on dealing with fighting and fight wounds has been removed from this document and replaced with a link to the Rodent Husbandry SOP
where additional procedures/guidance can be found.
Mouse and rat users
in all facilities

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You may wish
to review these guidelines for future reference, especially if your lab has frequent issues with fight wounds/fighting in mice

Entry Procedures
for the Nude Mouse Facility in MSRB
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This document has undergone a full content review to consolidate information and clarify existing language.

As a result, there have been significant changes to
both the layout and content of the entire document.
Nude/SCID mouse
users in MSRB

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Familiarize yourself with entry procedures in the MSRB nude/SCID mouse facility as they differ from other areas on campus (e.g., face mask and hair bonnet are still required)

yellow lock icon Links marked with a lock icon can only be accessed using valid Level-1 U-M login credentials.

Questions or Concerns?

Questions or concerns about these or other animal care and use SOPs and guidelines should be directed to your ULAM Faculty Veterinarian. General questions can also be submitted to ULAM at or (734) 764-0277.