Two New Staffing Changes in the Animal Care & Use Office

June 13, 2022

The Animal Care & Use Office (ACUO) is pleased to announce two new staffing changes:

Ashley Duval, AAS, LATGAshley Duval Joins Quality Assurance Team

Ashley Duval, AAS, LATG, has recently joined the Quality Assurance (QA) Team. In her new role, Ashley will be responsible for:

  • Conducting QA visits with investigators to improve their compliance confidence,
  • Identifying impediments to the conduct of sound research, and
  • Serving as an advocate and educational resource for the U-M research community.

Ashley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the QA Team, including her three years of service as a Research Compliance Associate (RCA) in the ACUO, four years of experience as an Animal Care Supervisor in the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM), and eight years as an Animal Technician for ULAM.

Prior to joining the QA Team, Ashley served as the RCA for Principal Investigators with last names beginning M – R.

Laura King Named New Research Compliance Associate

Laura King, BS, has been named the new RCA for Principal Investigators (PIs) with last names beginning M – R. In this new role, Laura will assist both PIs and lab staff with:

  • Shepherding their animal use protocols through the eRAM system,
  • Providing guidance on how to remain compliant with policies and procedures, and
  • Ensuring that investigators feel supported in both their research and commitment to the humane and responsible care and use of animals.

Laura has been a member of the ACUO for 11 years, where she has provided administrative support for IACUC-related activities as well as having served as an Office Administration Supervisor.

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