Continuing Education & Supplemental Training

Laboratory staff in mouse training workshopMaintaining a comprehensive training and education program that meets the needs of our research community is paramount to the University’s ongoing commitment to sustained excellence and compassion in animal care and use.

Continuing Education

The IACUC ensures that all faculty and staff continue to use best practices in their research and day-to-day operations by requiring that certain online animal care and use training classes be renewed every three years.

Class updates are designed to keep research personnel apprised of advancements in laboratory animal science, as well as important updates to the policies and practices of the U-M Animal Care & Use Program.

Continuing Education is required for online ULAM training classes in the areas of:

  • Orientation to Animal Care & Use at the University of Michigan
  • Introduction to Species
  • Survival Surgery
  • Hazard Containment
  • Animal Room Procedures

Continuing education requirements do not apply to in-person ULAM workshops.

Supplemental Training

In addition to providing IACUC required training, our program also encourages personnel to further their education by signing up for additional training classes in animal care and use.

The ULAM Training Core offers continued training support to personnel upon request, once all IACUC required training has been completed.

Techniques for which training is commonly requested include, but are not limited to:

  • Methods of handling/restraint
  • Dosing and administration methods
  • Euthanasia
  • Blood and sample collection techniques
  • Aseptic technique, surgical techniques, and incision closure

Training is tailored to individual or laboratory-specific learning objectives, and scheduled at the requestor's convenience. Individuals are welcome to return as often as needed, at no additional charge. Complete the Training Request Form to request additional training for yourself or your lab. 

Personnel who are interested in training their own laboratory staff in rat or mouse handling/restraint techniques are encouraged to enroll in the ULAM Training Core’s Qualified Laboratory Trainer Program.

Qualified trainers must have the approval of their Principal Investigator (PI) and be listed as an animal handler on the IACUC approved animal use protocol of laboratory for which training is being provided. Training will be provided according to IACUC/ULAM Training Core accepted curriculum and standards.

If you would like to know more about the Qualified Laboratory Trainer Program, please contact the ULAM Training Core at or (734) 763-8039.


Veterinarians and veterinary students interested in advancing their studies through specialized training in laboratory animal medicine should visit the Veterinary Education Programs page for information about veterinary clinical externships, student summer fellowships, and postdoctoral clinical training offered through our Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine.  

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If you would like more information about how we can support your continued education, or have specific questions about animal care and use training classes not addressed here, please contact the ULAM Training Core at or (734) 763-8039.